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BEND / ALTERED SPACE by Cory Williams & Allyson Ansusinha


Cory Williams will be showcasing all new works consisting of drawings, sculpture, and paintings on steel. He will draw a relationship between these three mediums, beginning with the conception of form in architectural-style drafts on paper to the realization of those forms in small sculpture to the translation of the made objects in stylized paintings. In his sculpture, Williams bends geometric metal shapes into forms that seem to protect an elusive, fleeting feeling. This series of work is an ongoing exploration of geometric relationships in an undefined space

Cory Williams is a studio artist living and working in Western North Carolina. Growing up in the Southern United States, he was surrounded by the type of decay seen in weather hardened materials. His surroundings provided inspiration, and also the desire to seek an entirely opposite environment: one of pristine, minimal beauty. Cory has learned his trade through several assistantships with notable artists, giving him the skills necessary to pursue his ambitions.

Allyson Ansusinha will create a site-specific installation using various yarns, string, and strips of fabric on the 3rd floor of Bridge Art Space. The installation will be in response to the work presented by Cory Williams-- translating the subjects of his drawings and sculpture into string forms that alter the perception of space. The environment will include fabric that she designs, programs and produces on an automated-knitting machine and various other materials.


Allyson Ansusinha is a knitwear designer and developer who lives and works in the mountains of Western North Carolina. In her work, she chases two main goals: to design innovative fabric structures and to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical apparel industry. She combines her love for traditional textiles, like handwoven fabric, with advanced knitting technology to create practically zero-waste garments. Outside of her professional career, Allyson also weaves on a vintage loom and practices making thai curry.

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