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Encode Art Exhibition
Opening on November 2, 2019
at 6.00 pm until 11.00 pm

Artists :
Julie Weitz

Leo Porramet Jittaksa

Curated by Bongkoch Chansri

humdog vdo art .png

Julie Weitz presents an ongoing investigation of the writings and life of cyber pioneer Carmen Hermosillo, also known as Humdog. A network of phantom limbs made from molds of the artist’s hands are linked together by metal chains, a mouth emerges from darkness oozing white foam; a phallus made of wax rotates in blinking neon and a plaster bust of the goddess Athena radiates pink light from her eyes: Weitz's imagery permeates a palpable, erotic terror.


Leo Porramet Jittaksa addresses the rights of the LGBTQ community in Thailand through installation art and photography. Investigating the lengths individuals will go to conceal who they are in order to gain acceptance and the same opportunities as others, Leo works with flowers that both reveal their true colors while simultaneously protecting themselves from a society that may be unable to accept them fully.

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