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Krung-Thep by Doo Ood Group


Kamolnalin Kamolnavin
Thantawat Jittaksa
Nareak Sa-Ingthong
Patchareeporn Thongkam

Opening 7PM, Saturday 10 June 2017
Exhibition from 10 June to 5 July 2017



An art Exhibition by 4 Bangkok residents with different views on the word 'Krung-Thep', whether it represents a location, a capital city or a lifestyle.
The theme is expressed through different opinions, up bringing and shared experiences.

The exhibition consists of various types of artwork that comes from each individual perspective of the artists. The work includes mixed media, Paintings, Installation and illustration.

Such as

The interpretation from someone, brought up in the city and questioned the gap between the society through interactive toys and childish games.

Or seeing Bangkok as the home that has many disadvantages, where its citizen
lives comfortably and joyfully despite all of its flaws, through 3D Art Object

The stories of previous upper class that are the roots and history of our ways today, through contemporary illustration.


From a perspective of someone who started alone in the city. Living and finding herself here in Bangkok. Her stories are told in her paintings.

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