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A/PART Group Exhibition - Bangkok Biennial 2018

Updated: Aug 18, 2019


A 3 x 8 x2.5 m steel mesh enclosed rectangular structure located in a regulated area is allocated as a simulation zone to develop new models through purposeful zoning, all the while also acting as a central

space for connection. The audience is free to enter the structure and explore the boundaries of personal spaces within the keeping of another’s.

A/PART Group Exhibition - Bangkok Biennial 2018

Yawnghwe Office in Exile

Yawnghwe Office in Exile /Documentary screening " The Disappearance of Roi Ja“ screening " The Disappearance of Roi Ja“

Global capitalism is corruption legalized. The lines that separate legal and illegal transactions are becoming increasingly blurred. This is not a legal question, but rather, a political question-- and

ultimately, a question of power.

#PJ31 by Prasert Yodkaew and Stately Remnants By Torwong Wutthiwong


PJ31 by Prasert Yodkaew


Ideal space offers beauty to most viewers. Preconceived images are often far from the rationality in the reality before us. #PJ31 strives to find a balance from an imagination run wild and the truth that stares back at us.


Stately Remnants by Torwong Wutthiwong

Every square meter of debris represents a former square meter of value. Erosion creates remnants of what could have been while at the same time creating new and unexpected possibilities.

Phornphop Sittirak

Death of Mackerel 2018

The image of a mackerel records a 20 year history of the normalization of poverty. Harkening back to the beginning of the mackerels use as a tool in extreme rhetoric the meaning in 2018 remains the same as does the poverty it sought to normalize.

Suspicious Thing สิ่งที่ต้อง(น่า)สงสัย

Words on a page do not often tell the whole story. The message in Suspicious Things covers events from an uncredible history. The truth becomes less believable with power as readability is challenged through the forced distance from the viewer, thus creating an inferior history.


LIV_ID Collective

Hedge joins the inhabitants of Sathorn Unique . The unparalleled panoramic

views offered reflect the heart of this immersive experience. Designed for fulfilled

living and wholesome preservation, true autonomy appears as if by magic.

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