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Temporary Forms

Temporary Forms Opening on 17 March 2017 at 7 pm Exhibition until 28 March 2017 at Bridge Art Space

A group show of young Thai sculptural artists

Temporary Forms, by Kanita Keawpakdee (mixed media), Pattharapon Tangpornpanya (plaster), Suttipong Chabenja (wood)


We can understand the true meaning of life through our perception of the aesthetics and harmony of nature. In nature, we can find motivation to overcome obstacles. The things around us create continuity or discontinuity and allow us to relate to our previous selves.

Kanita Keawpakdee (mixed media)

Kanita constructs her works by deconstructing household objects, at once revealing and obscuring the familiarity of her childhood home.

Pattharapon Tangpornpanya (plaster)

Pattharapon’s works investigate the entropy of all objects, the inevitable disintegration of the seemingly permanent, and the social constructs lost once the objects become unidentifiable.

Suttipong Chabenja (wood)

Suttipong creates free-form process-oriented hexagonal structures, in a biomimesis of beehives.

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