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Threshold Pt. 3

Myrtille Tibayrenc (Toot Yung Art Space) curating Skall

Brian Curtin (H Gallery) curating Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana

Dan Burman (Bridge Art Space) curating:
Sabato Visconti
Esra Kalk
Jessica Ta
Chris Clarke
Jay Curtis


Skall, curated by Myrtille Tibayrenc

"French contemporary artist Skall has been active since the 80ies in Europe and abroad. He evolves in a world of Baroque hybrid figures and objects, juggling between sculpture, ready made, performance and photography. A kitsch and nevertheless sophisticated poetry haunts his precious object compositions, while his performances, elaborated with found objects which he uses to morph his body, are sometimes pushed to the very limits of the bearable. His photography could be considered the essence of his work, in which we find the performance and the object. Each self-portrait is a splendorous metamorphosis connecting the natural and artificial, the precious and the banal the traditional folk and the mass-produced. After presenting several performances in Bangkok and Chiang Mai with the Toot Yung Art Center, Skall will be exhibiting for the first time in Thailand his rich photographic work within the Threshold Pt. 3 Exhibition."


Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana "PROSPECT", a photographic installation

curated by Brian Curtin

"This installation is a selecton from Dhanainun’s extensive shots of the city of Bangkok and its peripheries. These are images captured with a variety of types of technology and the installation is testament to the challenges of framing a distinctly characteristic view of the locale. Moreover, the style of the photographs don’t strictly belong to established categories of understanding as they slide between the objective, distilled socio-cultural commentary, snapshots of personal significance and the serendipity of capturing an artful moment. And while Dhanainun plays with clear contrasts - billowing clouds over functional architecture, lush greenery against concrete - there is no particular drama to be discerned. Instead the images are acutely sensitive to the passing of time, the times of a day or shifts in the weather.

PROSPECT highlights a continuum of surfaces that are unequivocal in their presence and strangely neither particularly meaningful nor meaningless. Instead, the installation compels an engagement that reflects Bangkok’s qualities of shifting between glittering immateriality and hard materiality. Moving us away from the possibility of capturing distinctness in urban forms, PROSPECT reveals a very subtle understanding of the parallels of time present and time past and a sense of how the ethereal or otherworldly can shape an essential experience of the city. Bangkok has long since been described as a place of co-existence: between history, myth and worldliness. From divine kingdom to global capitalist city, Dhanainun reaches for surprising resonances within the rush of history.

Dhanainun Dhanarachwattana is a photographer, writer and curator based in Bangkok and a graduate of Harrow International School and University College London. He publishes regularly and has worked with a number of Bangkok’s alternative spaces."


Dan Burman curating:
Sabato Visconti, Esra Kalk, Jessica Ta, Chris Clarke, Jay Curtis

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