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Group Exhibition by
Wal Chirachaisakul, Pete Tunvichren, Patdanu Tameekul
Opening on 27 June at 7pm, until 22 July 2015

This is a group exhibition featuring Wal Chirachaisakul, Pete Tunvichren and Patdanu Tameekul,
members of a new generation of artists expressing concepts and emotions in their work, on a subconscious level. Approach and practice combines to produce evocative and atmospheric outcomes, interwoven stories relating craft and art to life and reality.
The mind and the body, an interconnected duality of thought and flesh. Artists render the intangibles of imagination, emotion and experience in their chosen medium, generating their own parallel dichotomy.
Questions requiring investigation arising in the mind are distilled into the works of three artists, using the anatomy of the human body to symbolise and imply various different elements.

Confused notions, essential to the human experience, are presented in various different ways.
The maze is a physical manifestation of our complex journeys to find solutions. Wal Chirachaisakul presents
the struggle against confusion and the desire for liberation and independence through his works
using the mezzotint print-making technique.

The way in which we can most easily recognise the feelings of others is through facial expressions. Eyes twisting, muscles contracting, body posturing. The harmony and discord of mental states and their outward representation by the face and the body. Patdanu Tameekul presents the story of the connection between body and mind through his work with oil on canvas.

Pete Tunvichren is inspired by the beauty of the human form and the gentle minds within. Flowers are beautiful
to insects, just as different human bodies are beautiful to other humans, perfect traps to which we cannot but
accept defeat.

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